Here’s answers to the most commonly asked questions we get.
are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

all the products we use are sulphate and parabeen free. It is these ingredients that usually cause problems for sensitive skin. Of course if you are prone to allergic reactions, please tell us at the start of your consultation. We will go through the hair product ingredients with you.

how often do I need a toner?

every 4 weeks to maintain colour.

how often should I be booking in for a colour?

if you’re very grey every 3-4 weeks. non grey 6 weeks.

how often do I need a haircut?

short hair 4-5 weeks, long hair 6-10 weeks, this all depends of what you’re trying to achieve.

are your products tested on animals?


do your colours still need peroxide even though they’re natural?

yes no matter how natural a colour may claim it is, it still needs peroxide for it to work.

does your colour still have chemicals in it?

simple answer is yes but we have eliminated the most harsh which are ammonia, Parabens, and PPD.All colours need a level of chemicals otherwise they just wouldn’t work. But our colours are designed to be on the healthier side of things and using natural derived ingredients to make up some parts of the colour. No colour can be 100% free from chemicals.

can your colour still damage my hair?

honestly yes. there is no guarantee that it won’t dry it out even though we are ammonia free it doesn’t mean you can abuse your hair with bleach/colour. Colour is complex and so is hair. It all just depends on the health of your hair and what you’re trying to achieve. Our staff will be up front and honest in what you need to do to make sure this doesn’t happen.